April 17, 2016



SDP Resin Line is fully Automatic Resin Line and is made with various width and stacks as per the requirement.

First slab is put on the fixed station at lower level through hydraulic tilt trolley. From the fixed station, it passes on to the lift. The lift puts the slab in the heating chamber for pre heating. After the pre heating is done, the lift pulls out the pre heated slab and puts it on the fixed station on upper level.

Then, the resin is applied on the slab at the fixed station, After applying the resin, the slab is again passed to the lift.

The lift puts the slab again into the heating chamber for polymerisation of the resin. After the polymerisation is done, the lift puts the slab back on the fixed station.

A fully automatic electric panel is provided with the plant, where the setting of the plant can be varied depending upon the material and resin used.